Celebrate Your Success – even when others don’t


What you do is important…. because it’s important to you. When others are sitting in a seat of judgement…. just remember…

The only opinion of you that matters is the one you have of yourself. Believe in You… and all you do.

Not everyone will celebrate your achievements, your successes or your dreams… but it’s not up to them… it’s up to You.

So many times people allow themselves to be brought down by what someone else says, does or believes. I’ve got a secret for you… It’s none of your business, and has NOTHING to do with you.

I know… that may be hard to grasp.

We have been conditioned to focus on getting praise, approval and a thumbs up from others before we believe it ourselves.


When you come to the place of understanding that YOUR state of mind is the directing force of your life… the opinion of others will no longer be important to you, and with that wisdom comes a feeling of freedom like nothing else I have ever experienced.

Allow those who are celebrating who you are surround you, welcome the new experiences, new relationships and new feelings of expansion as you embrace the journey you are on…. and allow those not ready to travel with you to go their own way.  Their happiness does not depend on you… and YOUR happiness does not depend on them.

All of a sudden you will be able to take a breath as you realize everyone is off the hook. Grudges will fall away, resentments will shake loose and the negative emotions of guilt and grief will no longer have you in their grip.

Freedom is yours, it’s there for you to claim it whenever you want it… and the first step is freeing yourself from the opinion of others. It may sound hard, but it really only takes a decision on your part. The Universe handles the rest.

I am enough

I raise my glass to you   –  (in my case… it’s a coffee mug, but I’m raising it just the same.)

I Celebrate YOU… for who you are, for what you’ve come through and for all you are to become.

You are never alone in the celebration of your success, and in those moments when you may feel that you are, just find the closest mirror and take a deep look into the eyes gazing back at you… and ask

“How do you feel about Me”?…

The goosebumps will deliver the message, loud and clear.  You are Divine by design and loved no matter what.  So keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t worry about who is cheering on the sidelines…  

And allow the momentum of your alignment with who you really are carry you to the finish.


Stephanie Kathan


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Life’s Scorekeepers (POEM)

Life’s Scorekeepers

Time and Space… Scorekeepers in the race….

The one we all face… called Life,

Some have Money, some have Fame… but all have some sort of Strife.

Not Good Enough HERE,

A Bit Too Much THERE,

Society making the call…

Only for some will Awakening come… before returning to Source ONE and ALL.

Your Time is NOW, Your Destiny Sure… this I know for CERTAIN,

It’s up to YOU to take Life’s stage… or keep hiding behind the curtain.

Words…Thoughts…Feelings… creating realities as you weave,

The power within you to Manifest Miracles… if only you will BELIEVE.


Stephanie Kathan

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Intuition and Indicators

What you see as faults are only indicators.

Tune into them, pay attention,acknowledge and appreciate them.

(They were created to get your attention!)

Trust your intuition. You have a powerful inner GPS that guides you, created with top of the line Universal technology.

You are state of the art baby, fueled by inspiration.

Believe in who you are, and allow your highest self to lead the way.


Stephanie Kathan 

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Defining Moments (Poem)

The defining moment is when you look around your life….. 
and you realize it’s up to You…..

When you are down so far that you lose your way,
and you can no longer live the lie,
You look within yourself for answers and pray,
for God to help you get by……

The defining moment is time standing still,
as you acknowledge the mess you created,

when you put one foot in front of the other by will,
no longer allowing yourself to be jaded…..

As you gain your ground and your vision becomes clear,
you know that your time has come,
You begin to remember why you are here,
and the Source Energy you are created from……

The defining moment is only a Now,
to light your path and show you the way,
for the Universe will tend to the details of How
when you allow our highest self to live each day

The defining moment is when you decide,
To live the life of your dreams,
You discover the journey is an adventurous ride,
and that nothing is how it seems……..

Stephanie Kathan

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Making Mistakes and Questioning Your Integrity

 Recently I learned that I had been making a mistake…. A Big One, and my integrity was called into question… but through it, I learned a great lesson.

Mistakes are what give us the opportunity to grow.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because each time you learn from one, you are a better person than you were before you made it.

There was a time, when I would not take any action of any kind because of the fear of making a mistake, the fear of criticism paralyzing me in place.  As I traveled the journey to master my mind, I discovered something powerful about myself… My desire to inspire was stronger than my fear of getting it wrong.

If you have made mistakes, don’t worry, it’s part of the learning process.  And at those times when learning doesn’t feel very good, it just means that what you have learned has stretched you out of your comfort zone. 

I know I’ve made mistakes in my past, and I’m sure I’ll make big mistakes in the future, and because of them all, I will grow into the person I want to be.

So the question that remains in my mind is….. Is there really any mistakes?

Actor Glenn Moreshower shares his insight on life’s mistakes and you may just be surprised when you hear what he has to say.  (Watch Video Click Here)

Keep learning, be authentic, keep growing and most importantly…. keep believing in Yourself no matter what mistakes you feel you might have made.  I believe in You.


Stephanie Kathan

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Road Trip to Freedom

Something profound happened on my walk to the store, just down the road from my house.  On my way, I decided to stop at a friends house at the half way point, and as I walked up the drive, I recognized a face from my past.

It was Missy, one of the cooks I had worked with at a restaurant on the other side of the mountain years ago… 

what seemed like a lifetime ago.  She didn’t recognize me, but I knew her, and I could see that she now had a little boy about 4 wrapped around her leg.  I laughed and told her who I was, and it was very cool feeling to acknowledge and to be acknowledged for the transformations that had occurred.

The last time I saw Missy, she was 7 months pregnant, living in a motel, in a very unhealthy relationship, and although she always did her best to have a good attitude at work, you could see the unhappiness swelling inside her as fast as her belly.  Believe me, that is not a judgement in any way.

The last time Missy saw me, I was living in a motel, working each day just to pay for it and in the process of my second break up with the same bad relationship I had held on to for the last few years.

But this Missy that stood before me was confident, a loving mother, in a loving relationship, living in a beautiful home.  It turns out she is my friends new neighbor, and now she’s my neighbor too!

As I visited with her and got introduced to her new family, we caught up on the changes we both had experienced…

I realized how the realities we are both living in this moment, are so different from the realities we were both living then.  The same people….. living completely different lives… Based on the decision to Do More, Have More and Be More than those around us told us we could be.

It was such an inspiring moment, I remembered why I was doing all of this.  To fulfill my desire to inspire.

My reality has completely changed from the beginning of my journey from despair into awareness, and now it’s time to take this Aware to Millionaire journey one step further as I release my own limits, go beyond the boundaries and expand in my own consciousness on this Road Trip to Freedom.  Be sure to hit the “follow this blog” button, because there is history in the making…. and you don’t want to miss it.


It’s going to be a Live Life or Bust moment……. so buckle up and let the adventure begin!



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Amazing Happens

Since beginning this journey almost 5 years ago and making my way “From Despair to Aware” I have seen some amazing things, learned from some amazing people and have expanded in my awareness beyond what I previously thought possible. Never more so then August 28th, 2011 when a Natural Disaster changed life as I know it.

I had been traveling the road to self-discovery, surrounding myself with and learning from some of the finest minds in the world of success and personal growth, AND had just published the raw version of my first book “From Despair to Aware”. I had been doing interviews, hosting “The Journey” for a couple of years, and had started creating videos for my Mind Grow Radio and LeadingEdge TV channels on YouTube…

I live in a small valley between two of Vermont’s Green Mountains, and on that morning, I was filming flood footage as Hurricane Irene swept through the main street of my town, her flood waters carrying away anything in her path.


I had been at the local diner that morning, sitting at the counter, enjoying the best cup of coffee ever…. but the mood was somber that morning as the rain began to fall heavily outside the window. We all knew a storm was coming, and we knew it was going to be really bad.  I sent silent prayers for the owners of Dot’s, (it’s one of those places that touches your heart once you walk through the diner doors, and it remains long after your meal is done, your coffee is gone and you are back home in your own space… there’s just a feeling you get at Dot’s…. and it was intensified by every heart who had been sitting at that counter with me.) We all knew if the water came over that bridge, this might be the last time we ever have this experience together….. and we were right.  

Life had changed in an instant.  People I knew had lost everything. Businesses washes away, homes destroyed, families displaced with literally only the clothes on their back.  And then something amazing happened. Love, compassion and appreciation began to take over where fear and loss had been.  Neighbors helping each other, strangers helping strangers and a community coming together, determination making them come back stronger, and with more heart than I’ve ever seen.

Signs began to make their way in every window…. someone’s imagination was at work.

And it caught on.  I don’t know who began putting the signs up, but I knew it was a sign of Life.

Someone imagined Amazing back in Wilmington, and they shared the idea… and what I have witnessed in this small Vermont town….. is AMAZING and more.

Businesses are rebuilding, some have relocated and some have re-modeled but one thing is for sure…. the heart of this town is booming.

During this experience, 40 families were temporarily housed at a local lodge, and during the month I was there, I used my imagination ALOT.

I didn’t know what was going to happen, where we were going to go, or what we were going to do…. but I knew that NOW would be a really good time for me to apply what I had been learning!

So I began visualizing with deliberation.

Every night I imagined the feeling of going to bed in my own bed…  then I began to imagine not the place where I would lay my head… but how it would feel to have a home. I would imagine waking up in the morning, smelling coffee brewing, hearing the washer and dryer running and the feeling of home.  Faith was all I had left, and I believed that is where miracles happen.  Right up until the day before I was to leave the lodge, I still had no destination, but I hadn’t lost faith.  That morning Mary Jane who runs  Twice Blessed the community thrift shop came to see me. She asked me what my needs were, I told her I need a place that will take my dog, and she brought me to meet  a friend who just happened to have a place available.   When I asked if it had a washer/dryer hookup (remembering my visualization) she informed me ” it has a Washer and Dryer” and it’s on Happy Haven Rd.

So if you think your imagination doesn’t pack a punch…. you might want to reconsider!

I know my imagination is powerful, but it wasn’t until this experience that I realized exactly how powerful.  Since then I’ve been studying great minds like Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Neville Goddard, who confirm through their own experiences the power of imagination. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. If you have, you know what I’m talking about.

BE AWARE of your imagination. When you worry, you are using it…. When you imagine the way you want life to be, you are using it.  One way feels great and one way feels terrible…. and you are the only one who gets to choose.  I was not always this aware of my imagination, and it took a natural disaster to bring it into my awareness in such a profound way, but looking back I have to say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  You are more powerful than you think you are.

P.S  –  Dot’s is rebuilding, so if you have a chance to pass through Wilmington, Vermont…. feel free to stay for a while…. It’s where AMAZING Happens.

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Stephanie Kathan



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